FIFINE USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

The Fifine USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone, branded as the Ampligame AM8, offers versatile connectivity options for various devices such as PC, PS5/4 mixer, and gaming setups. Its USB and XLR connections provide flexibility, allowing you to connect to different types of audio interfaces or directly to your computer.

The microphone features a touch mute button, which provides a convenient way to mute your audio during streams, recordings, or gaming sessions. Additionally, it includes a headphone jack for real-time monitoring of your audio, ensuring you can hear yourself clearly without any delay.


With built-in I/O controls, you can easily adjust settings like volume levels and gain directly on the microphone itself, eliminating the need to tweak settings in software or on external devices.

Overall, the Fifine USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone, the Ampligame AM8, is designed to meet the needs of gamers, streamers, and content creators who require high-quality audio capture with convenient features and versatile connectivity options

Upgrade XLR Output &Convenient USB Output

Provided with both USB and XLR connections.If you are using the XLR connector. But basically, it is not the general type of dynamic mics where the mids are prominent while the brightness is lacking.Inheriting from FIFINE’s bloodline, the treble is something that will not miss but it is not so much to assault your ear with harshness.USB connection satisfies your daily recording needs more readily, and also portable when out for work.If there is such a necessary, or maybe for a special two-PC setup, you can even send the signal from the mic to two different places, like your PC and an audio interface or a PA when using it outdoor. Note: XLR cables are not included

10 RGB modes

Dynamic RGB Flowing, through the automatic superposition of the three primary colors of red, blue and green, forms a color like streamer. Breaking Gradient -, Rainbow color changes in cycles. Static Single Color: In this mode, there are 8 colors to choose from. You can choose a color you like to make it static.

Real time monitoring headphone jack

fifine Ampligame AM8 dynamic microphone has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which allows you to listen to everything you are recording or without any delays to ensure smooth creation.You can also have a conversation with your partner without delay in the game.

Functional controls

There are two dials for the microphone and headphone volume.The volume knob with fully
humanized settings can make the volume adjustment more accurate and meet your requirements for
volume level adjustment to the maximum extent.Light effect adjustment, we set its control to a touch
type, compared with the button, it will not emit annoying noise.

Compatible with two sizes of nuts

We set the nut of the microphone holder to be compatible with 3/8 “or 5/8”, so that no matter whether

your boom arm satnd is 3/8 “or 5/8”, it can be perfectly compatible with the microphone, without any


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